Storm-Eyed Girl


The young innocent eyes lifted to the sky. Matchless in color the grey  eyes looked to the sky that threatened of rain. The young child lay on her back with the wild winds whipping the grass into a dance beside her. Her hand facing the sky waiting for the storm. The fog lightly touching her skin telling of stories and memories. Her patient ears listing to the thunder clap. A single drop of water dropped to the earth like a tear. The rain drop splashed on her face and her senses heightened to the max. Her smile deepened as she waited anxiously for the next. The grass’s dance sped up as the wind of memories swayed it to a new beat. The rain came plummeting down as the girl slowly became drenched with water. Her eyes gentle and kind as her joy showed on her face. The rain filling her nose with the smell of water and her ears jolted as the thunderous clap shook the sky. The storm looked in rage in despair for the child it had bore. The rain pattering and the thunder claiming that her daughter would be found. The little girl’s storm eyes looked peaceful as she silently whispered “here I am mother.” Thunder came and touched the earth and from it a beautiful women draped in grey cloth with white hair whipping around. The woman turned and with her the wind in a graceful twirl and she saw her daughter laying on the ground waiting for her mother. The woman ran and the rain picked up, but not the hard sad rain of a lost child but of tears so filled with joy, the girl stood up. The girls blind eyes searching for her mother in vain as at last she ran into her daughter.  The little girls startling eyes filled with tears as her mother hugged her ready to take her home to the storm.

© David Hamilton 2012